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Puce Selene



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The Belgian family business Stabifoot has been making slippers and shoes for babies since 1936. It is especially important for babies and toddlers that a shoe protects the foot, but respects its natural shape and movement. And that's what Stabifoot does.
Small feet, big comfort
The most important principle of Stabifoot? A human body is perfect. Nature has arranged that. Stabifoot therefore uses materials and models that support this principle.
What are good first shoes?
A baby's first shoes should be supple, light and made of breathable material. They must protect the feet, but respect the natural shape and movement.

Stabifoot uses correct lasts. The last is the shape on which a shoe is made. As a specialist in children's shoes, Stabifoot provides the right last, adapted to the child's foot: wider at the toes than at the heel with a relatively short foot length. This model of shoe allows the child to open the toes (like a duckling), which it does naturally. Thus, the child increases the support surface.
With anti-slip sole, for grip when walking and crawling (The skin on the soles of our feet and palms is non-slip, did you know that? Logical really.)

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