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Maroon Asteria

Smart Electric Insect Racket Swatter Zapper 3000V USB Rechargeable

Smart Electric Insect Racket Swatter Zapper 3000V USB Rechargeable

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1.Dual-purpose mosquito killing swatter: handheld mosquito killing swatter + desktop mosquito killing lamp, dual modes of manual mosquito killing and intelligent mosquito killing, effectively killing mosquitoes, flies and moths.
2.Violet mosquito killing: The ultraviolet light band is 368NM, 360° surround lighting, effectively covering the surrounding environment with light, and killing mosquitoes in all directions without dead ends.
3.Automatic mosquito killing mode: Using frequency conversion light wave technology, it attracts mosquitoes to fly to the high-voltage power grid, and automatically kills mosquitoes at night to protect your sleep.
4.Pure physical mosquito killing, three-layer safety grid design, while killing mosquitoes will not hurt the human body due to touch.


Color: White green
Size: 50.5*21.5*8CM
Weight: 304g
Packing size: 50.5*21.5*3.5CM
Battery type:lithium battery
Use time: 4.5-8.5H
Input interface: USB charging
Charging input: DC5V
Charging time: 2-3H

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