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Smooth em with Adhesive

Smooth em with Adhesive

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Need some extra coverage front and center? From an itsy bitsy string bikini to a revealing halter dress, we've got you covered in all the right places. With a special tapered design, Smooth 'ems re-usable silicone discs gently adhere to keep nipples under control and in contour with your breasts, while creating a completely seamless silhouette. So take control of that pesky “high beam” feeling and be confident yet comfortable (especially in those must-be-bra-free garments)!

Water-proof & sweat-proof, smooth 'ems are ideal under your favorite swimsuit! Because when the high beams are on, it's hard not to look! For a LIMITED TIME: Get your Smooth 'em adhesive nipple concealers in a small sateen drawstring pouch!

Instructions Do not apply to recently moisturized skin Simply peel the clear backing off the nipple concealer Adhere silicone disc to nipple area

After use: Rinse with cool water (use mild soap if needed), air dry adhesive side up. Store on backing provided (see Tips)

More Info: Silicone nipple concealers are slightly rounded for a natural fit. Tapers to paper-thin edges for a seamless look Re-usable up to 20 times Water-proof & sweat-proof Each cover is approximately 2 ¾” in diameter

Tips: Try using a pair of Smooth 'em nipple concealers over the Pick-Me-Up breast lift tape In case the liners provided get lost, a thin plastic will do the trick! Think saran wrap or a piece of your dry cleaner's garment bag. Contents 1 re-uable pair 100% Silicone

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